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Sue McCarthy - Digital Marketer

Finding the right Digital Marketing Consultant can be challenging.

Digital Marketing Agencies and Freelancers are popping up everywhere, but how do you know who is right for you?

With over 16 years in Digital Marketing, I am extremely thankful that I can be upfront with my clients as to whether we are an ideal fit.

The long-term relationships I build with my clients means I have very low client turnover. In my capacity as an independent digital marketer, I’d rather overserve my existing clients than constantly add new ones.

My Background: Degree in Business Management | Honours Degree Bachelor of Business | Masters in Public Relations with New Media.

Sue-McCarthy-Click-Analysis Owner

All Digital Marketers say they are ‘Different’ Why Click Analysis?

Having worked in large Digital Marketing Agencies, and owned some, I now have a better understanding of what I want my service to be!

I do not want ‘lots’ of clients, I simply want to service the ones I have extremely well. I take my work very personally and get overly involved in the success of your business.

Digital Marketing Services Offered Include:

Google Ads

Google Search Ads, Display, Video, Local Ads, Remarketing, Google Shopping…. the list goes on! All of these fall under the Google Ads umbrella. 


Let’s analyse where your business ranks in Local SEO, Google Maps Listings and more. A detailed analysis on what your competitors are doing  will also help us deliver an SEO Plan  to outsmart them!

Web Design

Website Design & Website Development. 


Digital Marketing Consultancy and Advice. From traditional marketing platforms to advanced digital marketing strategies, learn more. 

Experienced Digital Marketer Perth.

Sue’s experience in business marketing.

Previous Co-Founder of a Digital Marketing Agency in Sydney (Working with large franchise businesses across Australia), Previous innovative food ordering app co-founder.

  • 5+ years in-house digital marketing
  • 8+ years as COO & Head of Digital in a digital agency environment
  • 12+ years as an independent Digital Marketing Consultant trading under Click Analysis.
  • Certifications from Google + various others, plus ongoing learning, which is essential in this digital age.


What Should I look for in a Digital Marketing Consultant?
I am a small business with a small marketing budget, can you help me?
I have worked with Digital Marketing people in the past but it didn't work. How do I know your Digital Marketing Strategies will work?
What areas of Digital Marketing do you specialise in?
What are your rates and pricing structure?
Can you provide references or examples of successful Digital Marketing Campaigns?
Will I always liaise directly with you or do you have multiple Account Managers?
What Tools & Platforms do you use for Digital Marketing?
Can you help us grow our Online Presence long-term?
How often will we communicate about my Digital Marketing Campaigns?

Click Analysis Perth

Digital Marketing Services where we look at the overall picture.

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