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New Google My Business feature: Automated Google Posts

Google adds in a nifty new feature with the latest update to Google My Business API! With the new updated version 4.0, Google has added in a range of new features, however, the most notable would be the added support for Google Posts. For those who don’t know, Google Posts is a useful feature that…


Facebook Food Ordering

Just when you thought Facebook was slowing down, it introduces a whole new game changer: Food Ordering. Rolling out across the US, this next step in Facebook’s evolution aims to boost the utility of the social media platform by giving its users a more simple, fast and convenient method of food ordering & delivery. In…


What is the difference between boosted posts and Facebook Ads?

Have you wondered which is better: Boosting a post on Facebook or promoting it as a Facebook Ad? It can seem confusing at first, but there are distinct differences between the two that will help you to determine which one to use for your marketing goals! Boosted Posts  A boosted post is a type of…