Social Media has become our go-to for sharing all kinds of content. It has become our main source of information on a daily basis. The prediction of social media’s popularity was unfounded compared to the realism of such platforms in today’s society. With 91% of Social Media users using mobile devices to access these platforms. Social Media has grown from desktop platforms to confining mounted information into a handheld device, available in one touch.

It is no surprise that almost every business owner has ventured a Social Media account or has realised the power of these platforms. In its simplest form, Social Media is a means for people to share and distribute information. What started as a communication channel for friends has now led to becoming one of the main platforms we use to both sell and purchase products.

Over the past 10 years, these platforms have become congested and overwhelming to most businesses. Carefully choosing the correct platform for your business is crucial. It has been shown that businesses that perform well on one platform opposed to poorly on three to four platforms have a much higher chance of reaching their target market and essentially generating sales.

Now that you know it isn’t always about quantity when it comes to Social Media Marketing, let us explain further why carefully choosing the correct platform and using specific content will inevitably boost your social presence where it counts – your target market.

Choosing the correct platform for your niche.
Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, Tik Tok, Twitter and LinkedIn. Respectively, their popularity stands in relation to usage, activity and potential reach. Growing your brand, however, does not mean targeting the largest platform and solely sticking to pushing content out on this platform alone. On average people spend 2.5 hours at least, on Social Media every day. ⅙ of the time they are awake is spent scrolling on news feeds and taking in information.

Let’s breakdown Where to go and How to succeed on your chosen Social Media Platform.

Click analysis facebook

Monthly Users: 1.73B Worldwide. 25M Australians Daily, that is 60% of the entire Australian population.
Age Demographic: 16-75.
Form: Mainly Text formed posts. Imagery and Video have been introduced strongly in the past 10 Years.

Almost every reputable business today has a Facebook page of some sort. Whether it is a fully functioning and highly active account or simply an empty account labelled with a business name and basic information. We can all agree, almost every business has one.

Facebook, has in and around 1.73 Million users daily and is a highly measurable and effective platform to gain reach. Essentially all businesses can use Facebook to reach their target market. The platform’s dominance has enticed almost every Social Media user to use the platform on a daily basis.

We recommend most business users, specifically targeting the age 35+ to use Facebook on a regular basis to generate reach, engagement and to offer an easy contacting source for customers. The introduction of Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn have captured the millennial era but they too, still use Facebook daily. It’s a social thing. Facebook really is the all-rounder, the foundation of Social Media and most definitely the most powerful social outlet. Use Facebook to provide yourself a digital profile, but don’t count on gaining substantial reach without paid advertising.

Click analysis instagram
Daily Users: 1B Worldwide & 9.5M Australians Daily, 37.2% of the entire Australian population.
Age Demographic: 16-40.
Form: Mainly Imagery and Short Video-based.

Instagram has become one of the most popular Social Media Platforms in the world today. Instagram has led the way with photo sharing and now, Live Stories. The general makeup and user profile of Instagram can be described as ranging from young working professionals to parents up to the age of 40. We recommend businesses targeting 18-35 year-old demographics to create a highly active and integrated Instagram account. Instagram has become a trendsetting application that customers leap to in order to find cool, picturesque places to eat, drink and shop. “Doing it for the gram” has become a worldwide term. Instagram is seen as almost a popularity competition and with recent updates, a means for businesses to reach customers through creative, engaging and memorable posts with minimal text required. A picture really does say 1000 words on Instagram.

For businesses hoping to reach their niche, Instagram requires a lot of editing, high-quality imagery and activity. Organic reach is that bit easier on Instagram with its “Explore” feature. This feature supplies what they think you will want to see, derived from your statistical usage. A highly measurable platform that is easy to break into. If you’re offering cool, trendy or quirky products/services Instagram will grow your brand substantially – providing you approach it strategically and with integration. (This is where we come in)

Restaurants, Cafés, Bars, Clubs and Take Away Outlets, this one is definitely for you!

Click analysis instagram
Daily Users: 600M Worldwide & 5M Australians Monthly.
Age Demographic: 22-35.
Form: Mainly Text-based with added Imagery & Video.

LinkedIn was created over 18 years ago and has only seen substantial growth in the past 10 years. Many people are still hesitant with LinkedIn, but as trends go, LinkedIn is set to take off. LinkedIn is essentially a professional Social Media platform. It offers a clear and simplistic approach to display user-profiles and the content display is based on likes and shares similar to Facebook, but a lot less crowded. Across Europe, over 80% of marketers use LinkedIn to generate B2B sales – a staggering statistic. The professionalism of the platform encourages posts based on growth, sales, self-improvements and brands making moves that matter.

LinkedIn is flooded with university graduates and successful businesses from all over the world. Each user displays their professional persona while effectively networking digitally.

“LinkedIn is most popular with older users, with 46-55 year olds most likely using the site. That’s not too surprising when you consider the average age of a Fortune 500 CEO is 58 years old. However, millenials are rapidly growing their presence on LinkedIn.”

For B2B operating businesses, growing brands, and businesses this one’s for you.

Youtube, Tik Tok and Snapchat
Commonly used applications for Influencer Marketing. Reaching your niche through these platforms is sporadic and difficult to measure. They require high expertise in photography/videography and truly targeting your niche is difficult to achieve. Without measurability, these platforms are normally used as “add ons”. Normally linked to the above platforms as an extra means of brand building and service marketing.

There we have it. A helpful guide to help you find the best social media platform to target your ideal audience.

Let’s quickly recap.

Facebook Marketing: Wide-scale, high usage, wide demographic, measurable and easy to reach your target market through paid campaigns. High levels of reach, engagement and purchases. Very difficult to dictate organically. For long holding products and services.

Instagram Marketing: Wide-scale, daily active users, 16 – 40 demographic, measurable and suitable for trendy businesses that offer picturesque products or services. Easy to gain likes and engagement through both organic and paid posts. For fast-moving trendy markets.

LinkedIn Marketing: Growing platform, B2B. Measurable and easy to gain reach and engagement organically. For professional sales.

Click Analysis offers a wide range of Social Media Marketing Services.
We truly understand Where to go and When to go there on everything social. We create clever posts that encourage engagement while building your brand and increasing sales.

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