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Click Analysis does not employ staff and therefore has limited capacity.
I do not work with clients competitors,  and only work with you if I truly believe I can help.
Although I may not always be able to take you on as a client I will try to help and guide you where I can.

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Marketing Considerations:

  • What Digital Marketing Platforms interest you?
  • Do you know what platforms your competitors are utilising?
  • Do you know exactly who your main competitors are?
  • Do you have a budget in mind for your marketing campaigns?
  • What marketing activities do you currently utilise?
  • Are you getting a good ROI on these channels that you currently work with?
  • Do you need an immediate ROI or is it more important to work on the longevity of your business?
  • Are there particular products or services you want to focus on or do you want to promote your business as a whole?