Content. What is it?

Content marketing is referred to as the creation and sharing of online material in order to prompt your brand’s products. Content marketing has been recognised to cost around 60% less than traditional marketing and creates almost 4 times more leads. Content this, content that. Everywhere we look nowadays we see “content” being mentioned. It is an easy term to use, but it can be difficult to exploit. Content has become the main driving factor for social conversation in today’s market. You’ve all fell to the feet of compelling content marketing at least once in your life. From compelling TV Commercials to Radio Adverts, to Youtube Videos. We have all fell victim to clever content marketing at some stage, whether we know it or not.

Common forms of Content Marketing include; Videos, Podcasts, Infographics, Email, Visual Content and much more. Oh and one last one, Blogging! The importance of content marketing has steadily risen over the past 10 years. Consumers now crave personalised and creative content that attracts them to a brand. It creates excitement and a real insight into a brands personality. Brands have been crafting and perfecting content marketing for years, but content marketing is an ever-changing activity. The volatility of this market requires an attentive approach. With over 60% of marketers claiming to create at least one piece of content per day – the sum of content that is reaching the internet weekly is staggeringly high.

Why perform Content Marketing?

Given that this type of marketing is highly volatile, hard to predict, and difficult to execute. Why is almost every business dedicating time to carrying out this process? Over 70% of marketers claim that content market is the main driver for engagement with brands. It creates leads, displays your brand and offers excitement fulled interaction to your customers.

Not only does it effectively build your brands image. It offers stories, insights and easily accessible news updates to your customer base. Analytically, it improves SEO, helps convert CTR to sales, increases website traffic and ranks your website higher on Google. Content creation has been around a lot longer than you think. Initially building websites and colluding what text and imagery to place on your website, began the content world’s take off. In today’s market, we see creative, motion-filled, colourful and highly interactive web developments, that truly creates a memorable experience for visitors. Brands represent their aurora and way of business through their website content.

By now, you should know the importance of Content Marketing.

Let’s explore Social Currency, What it is, Why you need it, and How to achieve it.

Social currency can simply be described as social conversations – online. It is the activity by which web surfers converse on the latest goings-on – on the internet. Social currency is a process of one to one, or one to many web users having online conversations based on seen content online. Social conversation has power far beyond that of traditional word-of-mouth marketing. Considering that there are over 4.7 billion active users online, spreading news, conversations and opinions has never been easier. Social currency is seen as a positive outcome derived from content found online. It is not always positive, but positive content is the market we are looking at today.

Take Coca-Cola for example. Their “Share a Coke” campaign was launch in Australia in 2011. This campaign concluded with over 500,000 people sharing content relating to their personalised Coca-Cola bottle. Aware that Coca-Cola are arguably the “top dog” when it comes to content marketing. Businesses all over the world have derived inspiration from acknowledging the results of this campaign.

Content marketing supplies conversational ammo for online users. We love talking and discussing what we see online, we are all guilty of this! People naturally discuss businesses and products online – it is where we buy most of our possessions nowadays! Understanding what people want to see next, is key. Many factors have to be considered, most importantly; what is relevant to the time of publication. Content that is relevant to the worlds current standings is the type of content that generates conversations. As business owners, encouraging conversations about your brand will place your business in the mind of potential customers. Conversation equals spread, spread unveils brand awareness and brand awareness promotes sales. Eureka!

Content marketing is performed through creation first and foremost. A creative mind is required to formulate enticing and informative means of content marketing. Along with relevance, it must be shared timely. Miss your shot and it may be gone forever.

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