Facebook’s NPE team have recently launched one of their newest applications called “CatchUp”. This application is based on voice-only calls. Similar to “Messenger Rooms” where group chat calls are performed and the “HouseParty” application in which the application displays if you are available for a call.

Facebook has created CatchUp by mixing various group calling applications together and creating a simplistic application suitable to all ages. The application is described as basic and some view the development of CatchUp as partially a waste of time considering the group call market’s density which is arguable. CatchUp enables up to 8 users to form a group call, it also offers private one to one calls as an alternative phone calling mechanism.

The foundations and ideology behind the development of CatchUp are derived from a simple view of creating an ageless application that encourages people to “CatchUp”. The application’s voice-only function is derived from the society of which we live in today. People nowadays are indecisive about calling people as they are unsure whether or not they are open or free for a call. Over the past 15 years, people have been growing away from phone calls. People don’t know when to call and are often left to go to voicemail. The applications “Status” feature allows users to state whether or not they are Free for a Call and whether or not they want to chat. It’s simple. If you are free or in the form to catch up with friends or family you click “Ready to Talk” and await a call or you simply call them.

Facebook has described how society is pushing more towards text-based communication in the form of Messenger, WhatsApp, Email and other text-based applications of which we find comfort in using. With no requirement of video, people are more inclined to accept calls and welcome them on CatchUp. Let’s face it, most of the time we are not “camera-ready” and that too, has played in a big role in this app’s development.

The application is in no way linked to Facebook Profiles and operates on the basis of your phone contact list (a feature that was in decline since the social platform age began). Facebook has stated that CatchUp is made for all ages. The use of phone contact lists opposed to linked Facebook accounts has enabled an older demographic to use the application across the U.S where the application is currently being trialled.

The real question is, will CatchUp make it outside the U.S in the coming months?
Let us know your thoughts on Facebook’s new “CatchUp” application.

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