As business owners, we depend on a healthy review inflow in order to display the credibility of our brands. Reviews have become the main reason why brands are seen as reputable. It’s a no brainer really, consumers trust other consumers. They will believe another person’s opinion about a brand that they have never met. Why? Because they too, will be availing of the service or product that the reviewer has expressed an opinion on. Reviews concrete what a brand is selling. They are essentially a truthful source from a person who has experienced the brand first hand. 

Reviews have become incredibly important over the past number of years. With SMBs beginning to surge with a sea of services available online, it’s no surprise that reviews have become a highly influential factor in the decision-making process. With almost two-thirds of people looking at reviews online, businesses need to encourage and welcome reviews on all platforms. The rate of reviews your company receives will also affect your Google Ranking. It’s Google remember, they love reputable sources! 

Aside from offering a platform for your customers to talk about your products or services, reviews also build your brand’s credibility and instigate a conversation about your brand and product offerings. It is important to offer your customers a platform of which they can converse or share opinions about your brand. It has become imperative that all business owners offer a means for this. Businesses that offer incoming potential customers a review platform from previous buyers generate more sales. 

Take the good with the bad when it comes to reviews. Encouraging all types of reviews will benefit your business more than showing none. There are a variety of ways to deal with poor review encounters. Always replying is the number one go-to rule when dealing with reviews. Never ignore bad reviews. 

Good reviews, of course, are always welcomed. They supply potential customers with real-life opinions of the quality of your service, not what your marketing team has displayed.
Over 80% of consumers state that they are more inclined to purchase from a business that displays positive reviews on their Facebook, Google My Business Profile and other reviewing amenities.

Reviews are more than just Feedback.
Reviews are essential insights into your customers opinion and feedback on your product or service. This is what makes reviews so valuable, especially to start-up businesses. When a customer takes the time to review your business, they are essentially unveiling their thoughts about your service or products – with no cost on your side. It is a completely FREE way to conduct research on your;

  • Target Market.
  • Product Performance.
  • Brands Psychological Position in consumer minds.

Appreciate and welcome reviews if not based on the aforementioned, but on this alone.

As business owners, we are constantly researching our target markets. We develop products based on their needs, their preferences and their desires. Our entire operation revolves around them. Reviews create feedback on your products. 

What else can reviews be exploited for? Research! 

Businesses spend thousands on market research and ignore reviews. Reviews are the most important source of market research widely available to you, based on customer experience. Taking all reviews onboard can be difficult sometimes, and many businesses get offended at poor reviews. The fact that somebody has taken the time to write a review at all, gives you the opportunity to improve your business. It’s first-hand information from sources who have purchased your product. 

Not only do reviews encourage sales, build brand awareness and offer consumer insight. They also boost your Google appearance. A Google My Business optimised profile combined with positive reviews, provides your business with a higher chance of appearing on the Google Results page which is exactly where you want to be! Google reviews create more links to your website – driving more traffic. Google reviews are displayed instantly if a user searches for your specific business. However, broad searches based around your businesses categorisation are decided by a variety of factors, including reviews.

84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend or family member. When potential customers search on Google, they look for reviews, the quantity first, then the quality. A high quantity of reviews portrays an interactive and reviewed business – this is enticing for customers! Ratings and reviews highly affect your rank number on Google. Without reviews, Google lacks trust.

90% of people read reviews before visiting a business. Exploit your Google My Business reviews, build your brands credibility and receive higher levels of enquiries. 

Acquiring reviews can be difficult. Google has created certain laws that prevent businesses from enticing customers to review their services in exchange for an incentive. So, how do businesses attract reviews? 

First off, provide a sufficient, as described, and worthwhile product/service. 

Secondly, execute a memorable and positive customer experience.

Thirdly, providing they have had a high level of satisfaction, gently ask for reviews – adding that it would really help your business. 

Google reviews are a perfect means of marketing businesses with High Customer Satisfaction rates. 

Unsure as to:

  • How to professionally reply to reviews?
  • How to avoid poor reviews and how to rectify encounters with them?
  • How to encourage reviews?

Let’s talk, we can help with Review Management!

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