Have you heard about Google’s latest efforts to aid SMEs in staying connected to their customers?

The world’s leading search engine has announced that they will be presenting all SMEs, who hold an active Google Ads account, with “Free Ad Credits” to help them stay connected with their customers through this unprecedented time. Google has created a fund worth US$340 million in ad credits for the entirety of 2020. The fund is focused on keeping businesses connected and in reach of their customers.

This is part of Google’s larger commitment to support SMEs, Health Organisations and Governments as well as health workers on the frontline of this pandemic. Google has recognised that small to medium sized businesses have become the backbone of the world’s economy. Google has stated that SMEs represent about 90% of all businesses worldwide and they appreciate how difficult this time has been for them. These credits will appear within registered Google AdWords accounts and will be active for the remainder of 2020, following you meet Google’s requirements.

How will this benefit SMEs?

Google AdWords has become a leading means of distributing information online in the form of ads. Google Ads work on a basis of producing your advert in key related searches. Google Ads has become an incredibly powerful way to seek new customers and a professional and trusted platform that supports SMEs in all aspects of their operations. Google AdWords help businesses to be at the forefront of their customers’ searches. Google hopes to “alleviate some of the costs to stay in touch with their customers.”

  • Build Brand Awareness.
  • Increase Reach to customers.
  • Measurable.

How to receive these credits?

Google has created a policy which describes a company’s eligibility on the basis of having an active Google AdWords account over the past number of months. Following an eligibility test of which Google will perform automatically, credits will be applied to your account and will be free to use across Search, Display, Youtube and Campaign Ads. Your eligibility depends on whether you have been actively using Google Adwords for 10 out of 12 months of 2019. Advertising directly with Google or through a partner is also recognised as an eligible account.

How can we help?

Susan, founder of Click Analysis. Is an accredited and qualified Google AdWords Specialist. Susan has become a leading expert in her field and has an extensive background in creating enticing ads that have led to tens of thousands of sales for Click Analysis’ clients. The use of carefully selected keywords and phrases has made ad creation a touchy subject for most, but not for Click. Exploit this opportunity with an experienced, dedicated and result driven company that exceeds all expectations.

Connect with your customers and retrieve your business once more.

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