Thinking about online advertising and wondering where the best place to invest your money is? With over 63,000 searches per second and with over 1 billion users. Google is your answer. Google has become the most popular and integrated Search Engine on the market today. Google’s popularity, simplistic operating functions and speed, have led it to become our first choice when we have a question to ask online.

Okay, now that we know Google is the most viable option. How do we embrace the most powerful Search Engine in the world to show our products within the top 5 websites on the results page?
Through SEO and Google Ads – Our forte at Click Analysis!

Let’s talk ads, Google Ads in particular.

What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is an online platform, formed to enable business owners to advertise their product or service ahead of their competitors for a small fee. Deciding to implement an advert on Google will not completely abolish your competitors from reaching the top spot on the (SERP) Search Engine Results Page, but it will reduce your competition.

Following the completion of a wholesome Google Ads Strategy – formed through a series of steps such as Keyword Research, Establishing your Bidding Price for these Keywords, Analysing the Quality of your Ad, Segmentation etc. You will then have the basics for a successful Google Ad Campaign.

Google Ads Management can be a tricky task and poorly formed Google Ads may result in high charges being applied to your account from Google. Mainly due to your bidding price in relation to your chosen Keywords. To simplify this process. With Pay Per Click (PPC) if you were offering to pay $1.00 for a keyword that wasn’t specifically for your product. Customers who have no interest in your product may click on your Google Ad. Costing your account, with very little chance of them completing a purchase on your website.

However, successfully formed Google Ads will result in a measurable campaign that will inevitably drive good-fit customers to your online store. The result of a professionally formed Ad includes:

  • Increased Website Traffic and More Enquiries.
  • Higher Levels of Sales/Website Actions.
  • Further Brand Awareness and Customer Engagement.

All of which can be measured through Google Analytics. Google essentially offers a complete statistical breakdown on your adverts performance including every detail. This is the data Click Analysis then uses to optimise your Google Ad further to reach even more potential customers at different times and in different places. Segmentation is easy with 15 years of experience in Google Services.

Types of Google Ads

The 2 main Google Ad Types: Search and Display.

1. Search Ads

These are the typically used Google Ads. This type of Ad appears at the top of the Google Results Page. This type of Ad is beneficial in the fact that if your Ad appears to a customer, it is due to the fact they have searched for a product or service the same, or similar to your business offerings. In other words, it is only displayed by Google to people who are searching for an item you are offering. This minimises the Click-Through-Rate to only people who may actually purchase your business offering. A clever move to save users of the service money.

2. Display Ads

These Ads appear on websites that Google have networked with and have decided these websites are capable of offering an Ad place to another business. The benefit to the website owner – they receive payment through PPC or an impression from the Ad. These Ads are formed with eye-catching imagery in order to gain the scroller’s attention. You will undoubtedly encounter at least one of these Ads at some point in your searchings as a Banner Ad or adjacent to the website content.

There is a variety of different Ad Types and approaches with hundreds of ways to optimise them. Finding the right Ad Type for your business is important and will save your budget substantially.

Why use Google Ads?

We are often asked: “Does my business need Google Ads and what exactly are the costs?”

Google Ads or formally known as Google Adwords is an extremely beneficial service to invest in. Whether you need to exploit this service or not is completely based on your current standings. Google Ads, however, is an easy and efficient way to gain traction to your website, fast. It is highly measurable through Google Analytics and controllable and Google will work around your budget. You essentially call the shots in relation to expenditure on the platform. Google Ads is undoubtedly the most effective way to gain website traffic at a fast pace. But be warned, creating a Google Ad that is as efficient as I have described, takes a lot of experience. Over the past 15 years, I have seen these services transform from Google AdWords to Google Ads. I have also encountered poor Ads that have cost businesses unnecessary amounts for little benefit.
Click Analysis has devised a uniquely clever approach to gain our clients the most rewards for their investment. Many of our clients ask “Where are my customers and how do I best attract them” Google is our answer.

Now that you know where they are, you need to find a diverse company that attracts the perfect fitting customers to your website.

Why Click Analysis?

Click Analysis has developed a strategic and quantifiable approach to every segment of Digital Marketing, specifically everything Google! With over 15 years of experience in Google Ads Management Perth, Click Analysis covers all digital outlets in a uniquely effective way.

Still unsure as to whether you need, or can afford to use Google Ads?
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