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Google Ads Management (Advertising on Google)

This is paid advertising and Google is the largest provider. It is the quickest and most effective way to get your business seen. It is highly customisable and very specific. As such it is an incredibly effective and measurable way of finding customers and knowing the exact return on your marketing investment.In a digital nutshell, Google AdWords is the largest Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising service available for online businesses.

Pay Per Click means you only pay when your Ad is clicked on.

You are effectively paying for visitors and traffic to your business website.

Susan at Click Analysis is an accredited Google AdWords professional who demonstrates proficiency in advanced aspects of AdWords and as such can tailor a campaign to your business needs. In other words, Click Analysis has the ability and skills to get your business found by your customers quickly and on budget.

We recognise that each business is different and we tailor-make a campaign to ensure the highest return for your marketing investment.

Benefits of Google AdWords

Geographically Targeting

If you are a local business you can geographically target an audience in that area – not people a million miles away who will never come near your business.

Campaigns Variations

You can run different campaigns at the same time.

Measurable Results

The results are measurable, so you can see exactly what is working and what isn’t along with the return on your investment.

Better Performance

You can tweak an Ad to seek better performance.

Budget Control

You can set a budget.


It’s scalable – if you are getting a great result from a campaign then you simply up your budget to get more great results.

Why do I need a Google Ads Professional?

Although SEO is vital to your marketing campaign, unlike SEO, Google AdWords is highly measurable and specific. With SEO, you can’t always see exactly what is moving your ranking up and down, but with Adwords you can quickly figure out what is working and what isn’t. SEO can take weeks and months, PPC is almost immediate.

Google reviews and changes the best way to advertise. Instead of one or two adverts on a search result which was common a couple of years ago, it is now typical to have four ads at the top and three ads at the bottom of a page. This means Google is innovatively looking to capture people that skip past the first few results and look lower on the page.

Even with the best SEO, you are competing with prime positioning. This demonstrates two things, first, you can pay to be at the place where most people click and secondly how popular and widely businesses use Google AdWords. One way to beat the competition is to join it and do it better.

Over 85% of Googles revenue comes from their advert services, so they are invested in making your business Ads work. Once you’ve set up your campaign all that’s needed is a well-designed website that is ready to receive your PPC leads and convert them into paying customers.

Still not clear on what AdWords is and what it can do for your business? No problem, you can contact us for a free no obligation chat and we’ll go over everything with you.

“Click analysis provides detailed monthly reports on your campaign, including the next strategy and any step-up strategy planned for the following month.”

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