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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is an online profile for your company. It ensures your visibility to customers when they search for your business or relative service. With 49% of businesses receiving over 1,000 Search Results per month, it has become a critical component for every business – regardless of your business size. GMB creates an immediate profile for your business that customers can view easily while on the Search Page.

It produces your businesses information on a simplistic profile card. This card includes Business Location, Contact Details, Reviews, Operating Hours and of course your Website Link. It also provides a platform to display images or videos relevant to the service or product your business offers. Basically, it condenses the important details of your business in a neat and simplistic form – easily accessible to potential customers.

Why you need Google My Business?

 ● Google acquires 3.5 billion Searches per day on average.

 ● 95% of mobile searches are performed on Google.

Based on these two statistics alone – Google is the home of all Searches. GMB is a free service available to all business owners. You may have potential customers within a 10KM radius of your store, that have never heard or seen your business. Almost 46% of all Google Searches are Local. Upholding an optimised, wholesome and integrated GMB profile unveils a large scale market at a very low cost.
Let’s be honest, we Google everything nowadays:

 ● “Shop near me”

 ● “Restaurant in Mandurah”

 ● “Best Food in Perth”

 ● “Things to do in Fremantle”

Is your business registered to appear in such Searches? Google openly admits, that upholding an optimised Google My Business listing will increase your rankings substantially. In a fast-moving world, voice recognition and content have become new trends. Ensure your business appears when a potential customer asks Siri questions similar to the above – your business growth will speak for itself.

Why Click Analysis is known for Google My Business Optimisation?

  • 15 Years of Search Engine Optimisation.
  • Providing Wholesome, Clear, Engaging and Effective Information on GMB Profiles.
  • Gaining Citations (Links to your Website).
  • Review Management & Relationship Initiation.
  • Carefully Chosen Content: Imagery/Videos – Dictating First Impressions Positively.
  • Increase in Sales due to Brand Exposure.

For more information on our Google My Business Services:

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