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This is our quick breakdown on the basics of Search Engine Optimisation.

In its simplest of forms, SEO is essentially optimising your website in order to gain more impressions and site visits. In other words, adjusting, improving and carefully choosing ways to rank your website higher on Google. 

SEO is a multifaceted process that requires in-depth research, high expertise and dedication. SEO is built in 3 key parts; On-page SEO, Technical SEO and Off-page SEO. 

Why perform SEO?

  • Increase inbound traffic.
  • Build brand awareness.
  • Generate leads.

SEO drives traffic to your website. It will essentially captivate your market online and Google will display your website ahead of your competitors – providing the execution is optimal. 

Website Visits = Potential Sales.

Some of the Important Elements of SEO.


Keywords have always been a major part of SEO. They were the first means of conducting SEO in order to complement Google’s algorithm. In today’s market, keywords still play a major role. Keyword selection now requires in-depth analysis and research in order to choose optimally performing and relevant keywords for your business. For example, we at Click Analysis, use high performing keywords such as “SEO Perth”, “Digital Marketing Services Perth”, “Social Media Marketing Perth”, to name a few. 

Researching high performing keywords, combined with long-tail keywords is the route to success here. Including long-tail keywords has become a necessity in order to gain maximum reach potential and to secure website visits effectively. Keywords are placed in suitable instances. We place top-performing keywords across website content, URLs, title tags, image headings – however you must be careful not to partake in keyword stuffing! 

Off-site SEO

Off-site SEO involves creating links to your website from that of another. However, finding and securing backlinks can be difficult and requires a lot of assessing and analysing potential outlets that are suitable for your brand to be associated with. 

It is important to ensure you carry out backlink analysis and check link quality. 

Local SEO

Almost 60% of all Google Searches are now performed on mobile devices. Almost half of these searches are in relation to local stores, service providers and eat-out facilities such as restaurants, cafes and bars. 

Local SEO is performed by exploiting your physical store’s location on Google. 

Ever search “Shops near me”? – this is where Local SEO comes into play! By focusing on Local SEO, it improves the likelihood of your business appearing in searches performed nearby. Best practice Local SEO, of course, begins with a Google My Business account. A FREE account is available to all business owners on Google! 

Another crucial element. Content!

Content is used to include keywords, portray your brand’s personality and educate your customers in an exciting and fun way. Content for SEO is mainly based on blogs, like this one actually! Blogs offer a means of including keywords and phrases that people search for. 

Creative blogs that provide knowledge and insight will drive traffic to your website. Not only do they drive traffic to your website, but they may also be the reason people come back to buy. Carefully planned and executed content will push you one step closer to your customers. Google recognises useful and targeted blogs that are informative and they support them. Content, however, is more than blogs, it can be described in a variety of outlets including; webpage content, infographics, videos, imagery, social media posts and much more!

For more on SEO or if you are looking for an SEO Specialist in Perth – just ask, we are glad to educate and help people understand how things operate. 

There you have it. Our basic breakdown of SEO Management! 

Stay tuned for more information on SEO Benefits, SEO Perth Processes, and SEO Perth Tips and Tricks and the importance of SEO in today’s market.

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