Arguably Facebook’s biggest recent update “Facebook Shops”. In late May, Facebook announced a number of updates including their “Support Small Business” Hashtag, Warning Prompts Added to Messenger Threads, Facebook CatchUp and Facebook Shops.

So what is “Facebook Shops”

Facebook has launched a brand new in-app online shopping platform. Facebook Shops provides a user-friendly e-commerce platform within Facebook for businesses to create a digital shop to sell their products and services. Facebook Shops offers an easy to set-up, online outlet of which business page owners can exploit at no cost. Facebook’s inspiration has derived from its successful “Marketplace” feature, combined with the world’s current pandemic standing. People have turned to online shopping now more than ever and Facebook are ready to capitalise on this with Facebook Shops.

Facebook has always been about connecting you to what you love. That means friends and family, but also products, brands and businesses”. Over the years Facebook has become an essential part of marketing and brand building for businesses. Initially, selling on Facebook began by posting an image of a product on the generic Newsfeed captioned “For Sale”. Now Facebook has delivered a customisable shop platform for both buyers to buy and sellers to sell, it’s that simple. The platform offers businesses a catalogue based platform to sell and promote their products. This catalogue is completely customisable and easily adapted to your brand.

The new feature will allow customers to save products, browse through collections and order products from a business. Don’t have a website? Don’t worry, this new feature also includes an option for in-app purchases. Tracking order statuses and queries will be performed through in-app messaging also. Sounds like we’ll never have to leave Facebook again!

Facebook Shops is also being rolled out in conjunction with Instagram in order to give a business an integrated social commerce outlet. Both Facebook and Instagram have linked already and dominate the Social Media world. This introduction will see their popularity grow for businesses of all scales. With stores closing due to the world’s current standings and the volatile physical store market, this is a perfectly timed opportunity for brick and mortar stores to convert to a digital platform to sell their products.

It has been stated that “Facebook Shops” was designed to help consumers “experience the joy of shopping versus the chore of buying”. As “Facebook Shops” is currently being trialled in the U.S, the world awaits the opportunity to exploit this new business-boosting platform in the coming months.

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