New Google My Business feature: Automated Google Posts

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Google adds in a nifty new feature with the latest update to Google My Business API!

With the new updated version 4.0, Google has added in a range of new features, however, the most notable would be the added support for Google Posts.

For those who don’t know, Google Posts is a useful feature that allows businesses toplace content directly on the search results page for their business name.

In the new update, users can now easily create and edit Google Posts directly on the interface, for even better SEO performance for their businesses. As Google announced on their website, “You can now create Posts on Google directly through the API”.

From a technical viewpoint, those with access to this feature can now automate Google Posts, similar the way that brands manage their posts on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

First appearing in June earlier this year, the Google Posts feature was only available for specific categories such as entertainers & sport franchises, but later expanded to include a wider array of categories like movies and museums. With this update, there is additional support for categories such as hotels, amenities and more.

Currently, the feature is only available for businesses with fewer than 10 locations. But maybe this will be an improvement for the next update? We’ll have to wait and see

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