The Importance of SEO as described in our last blog, is crucial for modern day marketing. It is essentially the tool that puts your website in front of your customer base. Which is exactly where you want your website to be, right?

On the back of exploring the basics of SEO and the importance of the activity. Let’s dive into why SEO is not a one off task, but an ongoing activity that requires consistency and improvements on a regular basis.

As you know, the digital world is ever evolving. Because of this, businesses are consistently improving, altering and reinventing their online profiles in order to get ahead of their competitors. Knowing the basics of SEO is just the starting point. We started SEO 10 years ago and I can assure you, the SEO we were first exercising, is a lot different from the activity we carry out today. Change change and change, it’s why we love our job and it’s how Click Analysis has led the way for Digital Marketing Services in Perth.

SEO – The 5 Step Process

Search Engine Optimisation is our main passion here at Click Analysis. We find our most beneficial campaigns to be led by SEO almost every time. But SEO has become a difficult and hard to maneuver tool for beginners of the activity. Digital Marketing first and foremost, is about driving potential sales to your website. Google will decide whether to show your website to relevant searches or not, based on your website’s quality most importantly. Google decides whether or not to display your website, based on numerous things, most of which we know and some of which Google keeps to themselves.

Step 1 – Stay Updated and Continuously Evaluate KPI’s.

Like every digital marketing service we provide, we ensure we are up-to-date and in most cases, ahead of our client’s competitors. We research new trends, techniques and approaches daily – it’s an attribute that has gained Click Analysis large amounts of traction across Perth over the past 6 years.

Staying up-to-date with the latest SEO standards is key, in order to succeed on the search engine giant that is Google. Algorithm changes, trends, updates and SEO news have become our daily intake – with morning coffee of course. It feeds our brain information on how to best approach SEO daily. Search Engine Optimisation for small businesses is just as important as the activity for large corporations.

Evaluating performance through scaled and measurable analytics provides us with a clear road map of where our clients are in terms of performance and where we should bring them next. We carefully analyze data and information supplied by Google Analytics in order to investigate every aspect of our client’s target markets. We analyze everything, even the smallests trends have the power to unveil an abundance of sales. Finding these trends can be difficult, but not with a dedicated research mechanism and time slot designation like we have at Click Analysis Perth.

Step 2 – Regularly Update Your Website

Like anything, people are attracted to the “new”. New website changes, new content, new brands. In a world of change we love everything that is considered new. As new businesses are ventured every day, keeping your website fresh, new and on trend is key. Google has openly stated that new and easy to navigate websites that receive regular updates have a much higher chance of being displayed on the Google Results Page.

Customers also appreciate updated material. It allows them to feel connected with brands and it shows that brands appreciate their customers. Providing updated websites will also encourage Google to display your website on a higher rank. We provide Web Design and Development that is relevant, new and simplistic. All of which Google appreciates!

Step 3 – Implement New Content

Introducing new content to your website will attract customers to your website and keep them there. Encouraging the time your customers spend on your website will inevitably help to generate sales.

The implementation of blogs, articles, images, videos and infographics will all aid your website’s success. The use of blogs has become almost a structural component of the modern day website structure. It enables the use of keywords, key phrases and allows customers to gain an insight into a brand’s personality. Creating blogs is a clever way to assist Google in understanding what your website is all about!

Step 4 – Social Media

Social Media is an effective way of creating off-page SEO. Although Social Media does not affect your SEO rankings, it can however create a way to drive traffic to your website. Link every Social Media platform to your website!

  • Increased Webpage Traffic
  • Encourages Sales
  • Boosts SEO through High Traffic Levels.

Step 5 – Have Patience

Remember that saying “Rome was not built in a day”. With SEO, this could not be a more relevant saying. Results from SEO can take months to be acknowledged. Remember, Google must crawl through every website regularly in order to rank your website. With over 1.3 billion active websites on Google for 2020. They have a lot of crawling to do in order to recognise changes and re-rank websites.


Giving your optimised page sufficient time to become effective is important. But also recognising when new optimizations are ineffective is also crucial. Finding this balance is key. We understand Google and their analysis/selection approaches and we have mastered the balance here.

Looking for SEO Perth? Let us help!

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