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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) (The top listings under the Ads!)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about optimising your online traffic by creating a wholesome webpage that attracts organic traffic through means of carefully chosen Meta Descriptions, Title Tags, File Sizes, Imagery Alt Tags, Backlinks, Google Indexing and much more!

These components not being fulfilled correctly, could be the main difference why you are not already gaining organic traffic opposed to your competitors. The good news is although this is a tricky and time consuming process, Susan is an SEO Specialist and has acquired unique approaches that reduce the overall time required to successfully optimise business websites. SEO is a vital factor that will aid your webpage’s success – invest in SEO to see long-term organic growth.

“Over 90% of customers will click on the top 5 Search Results Google Display.”

– A statistic that can not be ignored.

 The objective of SEO is to rank your webpage as high as possible in Google Search rankings through Keywords, Content, Title Tags, Google Algorithms and much more, we like to refer to SEO as the foundation of all Digital Marketing Campaigns. Click Analysis understands that to even touch the first Google Result Page, your website must be Wholesome, Complete and hold Creative and Meaningful Information in relation to your Products/Services. Search Engine Optimisation is a slow process and it takes time to really acknowledge efforts, but when done correctly it can drive substantial growth without having to pay for ads.

Understanding how Google Algorithms work is crucial. These Algorithms change frequently based on varying factors such as a Website’s Design and Functionality. Susan is an expert in this field, with over 15 years of Digital Marketing and Web Development she has acquired a deep understanding of Google’s Selection Process. Click Analysis can not guarantee your website the top result spot (nobody can), but we know diverse and effective ways to help get you there. With ongoing trend following and research we stay ahead of our competitors, ensuring you the best value for money.


Benefits of Ranking On Page 1 of Google include:

Increased Website Traffic

Help more people (potential clients)
find you!

More Visibility

Gain extra visibility and more brand awareness.  

Higher Rankings

The higher you rank the easier it is for people to find you and contact you. 

Authority, Trust and Credibility

If Google trusts you, so will your Customers.

No empty guarantees, just pro-active, consistent SEO management.

Click Analysis is transparent and credible in our approach. Everything we do is based on complete honesty and continuous communication – Click love to talk. Avoiding “Black Hat” approaches is our main concern, which are aggressive spam tactics to rank a site highly that Google frowns upon. We keep Google happy, enabling us to rank our customers highly, in a professional manner. This is Google after all, the most popular Search Engine in the world. Why would we upset them?

Our objective is simple, to get your page within the top ranking results in relation to your Product/Service. We use many different outlets to achieve this such as Keyword Selection, Blogs with Wholesome and Attractive Content, subtly filled with Keyword terms, Off-Page SEO, Local SEO and Search Engine Marketing. We perform SEM through Google Adwords Pay Per Click (PPC), Display Ads, Google Shopping Ads and much more.

We do everything possible to get you there, utilising every approach efficiently. No broken promises, just hard-actioned capability and commitment to our customers.

Result Driven Marketing. Take your Business to the Next Level.

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