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Social Media Marketing refers to the technique of targeting social networks to increase Brand Awareness and knowledge of your products or services. Social media has now become part of our daily lives. With over 2.8 billion social media users online in 2019, it is hard to ignore the sheer capacity and potential of these platforms.

As these numbers are set to continuously soar, we have become experts in creating enticing and engaging content while establishing a strategy to target very specific audiences and navigate social media logistics to achieve great results.

Social Media is an extremely powerful tool, when used correctly it can generate a substantial amount of business while building your brand, but when done poorly, it can have serious repercussions.
Ensure your brand profile is built the correctly with Click Analysis.

Our expertise in Social Media Marketing includes (But is not limited to):

● Social Media Management.
● Content Creation.
● Generation of Leads.
● Growth of Followers / Engagement.
● Establishing a Brand Profile.

Since the launch of MySpace in 2004, social media’s growth has essentially taken over the world. We find ourselves relying on social media as a form of contact, a source of news, a personal blog and most importantly for us – a wide scale source of marketing.
I hold a wealth of knowledge and experience in best practices for commercial social media accounts. Enabling me to provide a professionally effective approach to any businesses social accounts. Regardless of your current social position you can rest assured Click Analysis will grow your social accounts by developing your brand, generating potential leads, while building an arsenal of effective / engaging content.

Main Social Media Statistics


Facebook: Established in 2004 and has grown from strength to strength over the past 16 years, now with over 1.6 billion users worldwide.
Main Demographic: (18-75). (Wide scale demographic).
Main Focus: Facebook Ads, Sharing of Meaningful / Factual Content, Announcements, Event Creation, Competitions.


Instagram: Established in 2010, has now become the world’s leading photo / short video social platform. Estimated user base of 1 billion.
Main Demographic: Mainly (18-50). (Incredibly useful for (18-30).
Main Focus: Creative and Engaging Content that sparks excitement. Instagram is all about compelling visuals. Carefully chosen content is key!


Twitter: Established in March 2006, seen as a mini blogging social site. 330 million monthly users worldwide.
Main Demographic: (18-49).
Main Focus: Business Updates / News, Sharing of Opinion, Engagement, Public Relations.


LinkedIn: Established in 2002, has grown immensely through B2B marketing over the past 10 years. LinkedIn’s primary use for Click Analysis is the generation of B2B contracts.
Main Demographic: Working Professionals (19-60)
Main Focus: Business Updates, Achievements, Professional Announcements, New Product Launch.

Although these are the main areas of which my expertise lie, I continuously research emerging trends, analysing their potential for implementation.

My expertise and experience with these platforms has allowed me to create a bulletproof approach to every campaign.

Our Approach to Social Media Marketing:


Complete a Full Assessment on your current social media position in each of your chosen social platforms (if any). Research your competitors activity in both organic posts and paid ads.


Research your target market and establish a general demographic. It is important to note that the demographic of each social platform differs based on a variety of aspects. The most important data when creating a Social Media Marketing strategy as a whole, is to always know where your customers are spending most of their time and why – it is all about analytics – our approach to every marketing strategy.


Through this data, Create a Full and Extensive Marketing Strategy for your business – based on your objectives while ensuring a connection, community and consistency through the entire strategy – fully integrated.

Focusing on

● Creative Content.
● Precisely Targeting your Demographic.
● Engagement – Build Relationships.
● Build Brand Image.

Following establishment of the Marketing Strategy, implementation is performed.
Each strategy Click Analysis implements is integrated with every other aspect of your business’s marketing approach. We provide on-going support to all campaigns with regular performance updates through Social Media Analytics.

Social Media is one of our most powerful tools.

Contact Susan to find out more!

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