Social Media Marketing

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Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, and that’s just getting started. It is exhausting just thinking about being on all these social media marketing platforms at once.

At Click Analysis we understand social media marketing is a great way of gaining attention to your brand and traffic to your website. We appreciate that each platform works in a different way and appeals to its own demographic and audience.

We also know that it can feel mind-boggling to any business when they are formulating a social media marketing strategy and that’s why we make the process simple for you.
Click Analysis knows which social networking platform your business needs to be on, when you need to be on that platform and what you need to be saying to make a meaningful connection with your existing and potential customers.

Click Analysis research your customer demographics to discover which platforms your audience spend most of their time on. We then design and design a social media strategy to target them. We know that connection, community, and consistency are fundamental to your social media marketing success.

At Click Analysis we optimise our existing knowledge of social media marketing by interpreting and using the analytical data provided by any given platform so we can fully understand and connect with your ideal clients. We love analytics. We know and understand how to interpret and understand the data and the actions required to get the best result from that information.

Our arsenal doesn’t end there, Click Analysis can identify ‘trending’ topics and ‘pain points’. We can source the type of content that is being talked about on which platform and what is getting the most engagement, then match up where your business and brand can fit into this with regards to what you share on a social media platform. This increases your engagement and the possibility of your content going viral.

There are four million users advertising on Facebook and this number is growing. Done effectively, paid, targeted advertising on social media platforms can make a huge impact on the visibility of your product and brand to the people that will be inherently interested in what you offer. We know how to navigate advertising on social media platforms based on the analytical data provided by that platform. Like with Google AdWords/PPC this type of paid advertising is incredibly powerful when used correctly.

If you want pinpoint precision in targeting your audience both strategically and with genuine connection on the best social media platforms for your business then let our team know and contact us today.

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