Facebook has shown incredible support for SMBs worldwide over the last number of months. Facebook has openly recognised that this has been an incredibly tough time for local and small businesses all over the world. The closure of many stores has forced almost every company online. The conversion from solely brick and mortar trading to an online world has become difficult for most SMBs. The rate and time of which all businesses ventured online have caused high levels of traffic and a “hard to break into market” for SMBs who are entering this world for the first time.

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How Facebook has helped.

Facebook has unveiled a variety of updates over the past number of months. None more so important to struggling local businesses than their “Facebook COVID Supports”. In May 2020, Facebook announced the introduction of a Support Small Business Campaign in order to help small to medium-sized businesses penetrate the digital market and once again generate sales. Facebook understands that breaking into the online world has never been easier, but it also requires a lot of support to generate actual sales. The Support Small Business hashtag is scaled across both Facebook and Instagram and work by similar means.

Business owners who own a Facebook and Instagram business account, will benefit from these new updates. These updates will build brand awareness online, while generating sales and connecting business owners with their customers. Connecting people and businesses, it’s what Facebook is all about – connecting. SMEs worldwide have now acquired the option of displaying their services on Facebook at no cost, providing they stay organic.

Over the years the use of hashtags across Facebook has been somewhat sceptical and many users have avoided using them on their posts. It seems to be more of a Twitter thing to most of us, right? However, over the past number of years, Facebook has been encouraging the use of hashtags in order for businesses to gain more reach and enabling Facebook to segment posts. Keep an eye on this, Facebook are putting an increased push on hashtag usage. They are even considering highlighting hashtags with their branded blue colouring in order to draw more attention to used hashtags. #SupportSmallBusiness 

New SMB Features.

On Facebook, the new #SupportSmallBusiness has been spread near and far. Facebook has been encouraging people to share local businesses on their personal pages to help promote their offerings. They have also introduced an “in support of” tag for creators across the platform. The ideology behind this creation is to encourage influential users of Facebook to show support of SMBs by showing that they avail of their products or services. This is classified as an unpaid promotion for these businesses and was introduced in the hope that creators across the platform will be willing to help – free of charge.

Over on Instagram, Facebook’s sister platform. They have rolled out the same #SupportSmallBusiness. But in slightly different means. Instagrammed up of course! The use of tagging an SMB by entering their URL will prompt a thumbnail of 3 of the page’s latest images.

Showcasing in miniature form, their offered products and services. This function can be actioned solely on Insta Stories which has become a growing trend for user updates. Insta Stories has begun to lead Instagram’s usage rate. Allowing SMBs to be supported at Instagrams best outlet. The provided thumbnail feature will then allow potential customers to click-through onto the tagged businesses page.

An active, optimized and aesthetically appealing Instagram account will then decide whether sales are generated or not – an area we at Click Analysis can help you with. The perfect incentive to get SMBs to exploit their Instagram potential. Providing your latest three posted images will be displayed on your thumbnail when tagged, will require each posted image to be relevant, on-brand and attractive. Unsure as to how to maintain an active Instagram that will generate sales? We love Instagram – just ask.

Facebook has also launched a “Businesses Nearby Listing”. This newly added listing derives a list of local businesses encouraging people to stay local. They have also launched an optimised messaging platform within Messenger, allowing business owners to easily switch between their personal page and business page within the Messenger app. Customers want answers instantly, we all do. This seamless messaging feature will create a consistent connection with customers at ease and help brands to create relationships with their customers.

Facebook has become an optimised outlet for SMB. With a variety of platforms, supports and uncomparable reach potential. Every business should be exploiting these social giants.

Facebook and Instagram are versatile platforms that encourage new and diverse business approaches. Entering these platforms can sometimes be scary and figuring out the best approach to kickstart your brand online can be daunting.

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