In these uncertain times where many of our worlds have been turned upside down due to the spread of the Coronavirus, one thing has increased in activity – Digital!

With a world wide isolation effort to reduce the spread of Covid-19 it is no surprise that all online activities have increased immensely. For many it acts as a point of contact, for others it is required in order for them to continue their work from home and for most a source of entertainment. Our No.1 priority is and will always be our customers’ safety, but in this time of struggle, it is hard to ignore the opportunity that lies within digital platforms that will lead to an increase of business when this virus has passed.

Why are people focusing completely on Digital Advertising and E-Commerce right now?

On average, we spent at least 6 hours per day online pre-virus breakout. Although there has not been an official study into the increase of digital time, I think we can all agree it has risen immensely. But where are people spending their time online?

  • Social Media.
  • Google Search.
  • Online Shopping.

So now that we know where the entire world is spending most of their time, let’s see how we can take reach out to the extra traffic online, in the safety of our own home.

Search Engine Optimisation & Google Ads

Aware of people’s online habits and activities as aforementioned, many digital marketers are increasing their spend in SEO and PPC campaigns. Combining both SEO and PPC activities increases your exposure on Google Search and there is no better time to have an increased presence on the search engine.

Social Media

With over 22% of the world’s population on Facebook. The platform has over 2.45 billion active users monthly. Instagram (sister of Facebook has over 1 billion active users monthly. When put into perspective between these two platforms they have over ¼ of the world’s population at their disposal in relation to staying connected / advertising. Social Media Marketers worldwide have been implementing Social Media campaigns based on “Isolation” and “Quarantine”. Exploiting both what their customers are experiencing and the trending theme that is now saturated online.


In a time where contact with the outside world is limited to online means of communication. People are finding themselves searching every corner of the internet for more information or entertainment. With a crowded online sea of blogs it can be hard to decide the most relevant topic to write about. Here at Click Analysis we understand what people are really searching for and how they wish to be communicated with. We create relevant content with straight to the point facts that portray clear messages to our customers.

Ok, so now that we are educated on where people are and why they are looking online in this moment in time, let’s dive into how to capture your niche (regardless of your marketing approach).

Rule No.1 of all Marketing Campaigns in 2020. CONTENT IS KING.

In 1996, Bill Gates, CEO of the revolutionary Microsoft, wrote a book titled “Content is King”. 24 years later this phrase could not be more relevant. Content in every aspect leads to some sort of entertainment. Content is a diverse term with no boundaries.

For example Tik Tok, Disney+, Netflix & Youtube are leading content platforms through Videos. Websites, Social Media platforms and Blogs are seen as more scripted content. Last but certainly not least we have Spotify and SoundCloud who have music/podcast content.

All of the above are household names in 2020, why? Because they are all content kings in their field.

Content really is king, especially in a time where our news feeds are saturated with news that builds anxiety around the Coronavirus – which is completely normal to feel. But among all the news we receive, good news seems to be left out as it does not attract clickbait.

But in times of great uncertainty and despair, people actively seek for good news or intriguing stories that will reduce their stress levels. Some describe it as a sense of escape. We truly believe there is always as much good as there is bad news in the world. Bad news however creates more conversation amongst people and is exploited more, but not in times like this.

Aware that all news must be broadcasted and shared we have created clever ways to write intriguing articles, blogs and content for websites / social media platforms exploiting keyword use and enhancing a businesses overall presence through blogs. Here are some keys points we include in every piece of content we create:

  • Relevance.
  • Engagement.
  • Factual Information.

In conclusion. Although we are in an uncertain time in every aspect of life / business. Take this opportunity to improve and grow in your life and business.
Business is normal at Click Analysis and we look forward to helping people who are hoping to take this opportunity to gain measurable benefits that will grow your business.

Bad times will always lead to good times and we are here to help you make those good times, great times!
Feel free to contact us for more information on how Click Analysis can help your business grow to new heights in unfortunate lows.

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