Google My Business has become a staple in every marketing provider’s services. Google My Business is a search engine mechanism that allows companies to create a profile on their Google account. It works by offering businesses the opportunity to display relevant and required details into a profile card – increasing your advertising capabilities and SEO fundamentals. This profile card is then displayed when a consumer searches Google for your product or service. It is also an effective way to boost your Local SEO and it combines with Google Maps in order to create a route (if specified) to the business in question.

Why should SMEs use Google My Business?

With over 2 trillion searches being performed on Google, this platform really is where everybody should be. As we provide marketing services across all of Perth, we get asked common questions daily. “What is Google My Business” “How do I use Google My Business?” and “Why should I use Google My Business?”. As a whole, Google My Business is pretty simple in function, but it can be incredibly effective in boosting brand awareness and driving sales.

In today’s blog, we will discuss why SMEs should exploit their GMB Profile in more ways than one, in order to boost their online presence in a world filled with large-scale multi-national companies with a lot of spending power. Let’s dive straight in!

It’s Free!

Our first point will definitely get you excited. Google My Business is completely free! Amazing right? A completely free means of advertising your business and providing the most crucial details needed by your consumers in order for them to initiate a purchase. It provides the businesses Contact Details, Address, Reviews, and it also offers the company the opportunity to create weekly posts that will be viewable when a web user clicks on the businesses profile card. The complete and equality based system, also dictates which businesses to show based on Local SEO and Reviews. Meaning you can easily compete with other businesses nearby, without needing Google Ads or by majorly optimising your website.

Increases the chances of SMEs appearing on Local Search Results

Remember those large mutil-national companies that seemed impossible to surpass on Google’s Result Page? Upholding a wholesome and regularly updated Google My Business profile will not only allow your business to compete with larger companies, but it can also place your business ahead of these companies – providing that it is filled out correctly and optimised.

Relevant information is instantly available

As aforementioned, on conclusion of creating a Google My Business profile, all relevant information in relation to your business is readily available while on the Google Search Page. Enabling a greater chance for your business to appear on Google’s Local 3-pack. But, what’s a Local 3-pack? A Local 3-pack is the first three businesses within the vicinity of a local search, that Google will display on the results page. Many businesses worldwide have tried almost every SEO trick there is to enter what was once known as a 7-pack and have failed.

The only proven way to enable your business to appear on this 3-pack, is to have created a Google My Business Listing that Google has acknowledged as useful and complete.

This feature allows businesses to display their details in real-time to potential customers. A timely way to display your service offerings instantly to potential buyers.

Immediate Review Research

Nowadays, reviews have become one of many factors that dictate a customer’s decision to choose one business over another. Makes sense right? Be honest, you would not buy from a business with a low rating and poor reviews, when another business is similar in price but with outstanding reviews – it has become a highly influential factor in every potential customer’s decision. In fact, 90% of customers will now seek reviews online before instigating a purchase of any kind. 88% also solely depend and place their trust on reviews – especially those on Google. It is Google remember, I think we all trust their worldwide dominant system the most ahead of Bing and Yahoo.

With GMB, reviews are placed under your business profile card, meaning customers will immediately have reviews at their first instance of viewing your business. This creates speed and efficiency, things the modern day customer appreciates the most. We live a fast paced life – something we can all agree on, so little displays like GMB will inevitably lead to a higher sales output.

For more information about Google My Business Services Perth based – Contact our team.

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